I first approached Dakota Health Solutions after a long journey seeking help for my 10 year old son who struggled with transient tics.  Prior to this I had seen a psychologist, local neurologist, allergist (twice), occupational therapist, local chiropractor, and psychiatrist.  I was first recommended by a friend to try this clinic due to their specialty in functional neurology and functional medicine.  Prior to my first day, my son’s tics had already escalated from motor tics to also involving verbal tics.  Initially I told Dr. Chris that I would be happy if we could just get the verbal tics to subside due to the disruptive and potentially embarrassing implications they can cause in certain settings.  Ultimately my biggest goal was to gain knowledge of his tics and how to manage them considering we have failed up to this point.   It took some time but not only were we getting on top of the verbal tics but all the tics!  Dr. Chris was very knowledgeable and spent time with our situation.  What I liked best was how personable he was, taking time with us to explain what was going on in my son’s body and mind.   He knows nutrition, chiropractic, and brain activity.  Loved him!  I would definitely recommend this practice to others struggling with similar neurological or nutrition-based situations.  Dr. Chris knows his stuff.