Our Approach

NeuroLife utilizes a cutting-edge and multifaceted approach to healthcare, integrating the powerful benefits of chiropractic neurology and applied kinesiology with the emerging field of functional medicine. The result is a model of diagnosis and care that provides one complete treatment plan that addresses all of the individual’s symptoms.

Chiropractic/functional neurology and applied kinesiology are safe, noninvasive specialties that provide precise and evidence-based ways to diagnose the individual’s body, neurological state, and fuel supply. These therapies allow us to provide specific treatment strategies that are safer, more effective and more affordable over the long-term. Our approach protects our patients with a safer care plan rather than destabilizing a person’s system with a plan that doesn’t include monitoring markers such as assessing the body’s fuel supply and planning for stabilization.

More effective care that includes monitoring neurological and neuromuscular markers consistently allows us to tweak and optimize care through every step of our process. We also provide more affordable long term care  because of the effectiveness of our strategies when compared with mainstream, generalized care that can become chronic (or even blatantly wrong), which either leads to dead ends for patients or else incomplete healing and lengthy continued treatment needs.

Chiropractic Neurology

Chiropractic Neurology marries the biomechanics/orthopedics aspect of chiropractic care with the latest techniques of assessment, including a series of built in reflexes that respond or react to the internal (body) and external (environment). In essence we practice rehabilitation of the central nervous system. The nervous system consists of the brain, spinal vertebrae and spinal nerves, which carry information from the body to the brain and vice versa. These nerves respond depending on how the brain interprets the incoming information. Chiropractic neurology is on the forefront of this exciting new era in neurology that focuses on natural, brain-based therapies to provide more effective and safer relief for what was previously thought to be the most resistant cases.

Applied Kinesiology

Applied Kinesiology is a test of functional neurology – how the nervous system manifests in the musculoskeletal system. Applied Kinesiology is based on an understanding of connections between muscles, organs, glands, body chemistry, acupuncture meridians, the brain and the nervous system. Using muscle testing as its primary tool, applied kinesiology offers an insight into the way your body creates patterns through movement. It is also used to assess the status of primitive survival reflexes and patterns of responses that have developed throughout life. Some additional applications include the ability to assess head and neck stability, structural balance, posture and muscular coordination.  Kinesiology was first developed by Dr. George Goodheart, who was also the first official US Olympic team chiropractor. His expertise was sought due to his superior knowledge of the human body.

Applied Kinesiology is a safe and noninvasive speciality that provides a precise and evidence-based way to diagnose the individual’s body, neurological state and fuel supply. This allows specific long-term treatment strategies to be developed for you that are:

  • Safe: We ensure your system remains stable throughout your treatment with the application of monitoring markers that assess your fuel supply.
  • Effective: Neurological and neuromuscular markers allow us to tweak and optimize your care every step of the way.
  • Affordable: Our treatment processes save you time and money because we avoid the dead ends and incomplete hearings that commonly occur in chronic generalized care.

Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine is the emerging field of integrative, patient-centered healthcare emphasizing on nutrition and lifestyle intervention. The model focuses on primary prevention and underlying causes to serious chronic disease versus a symptomatic approach. Functional Medicine is guided by the following principles:

  • Nuclear and mitochondrial genome, which affects aging and longevity
  • Metabolic and physiological makeup, which affects fuel supply and organ system interactions
  • Emotional/cognitive abilities and physical systems, which affects recovery plan and speed

The doctor of the future will give no medicine but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame in diet and in cause and prevention of disease.” ~Thomas Edison