I was experiencing headaches and dizziness daily. It made work difficult, because there was no rhyme or reason as to when the dizziness would set in. I had been experiencing pain for quite some time and had seen a chiropractor a couple years before, but my symptoms did not go away. I was recommended to Dakota Health Solutions by a close friend when I found out I could receive help with the neurology side of things. It has been valuable in my continued recovery. My biggest goal I wanted to achieve was a reduction in headaches and pin-pointing the cause of my dizziness. I feel very well supported in my recovery goal and although it is a work in progress, there has been great progress! The best part through all of this is the immediate relief from my headaches following my appointments. The results from the care I have received from Dakota Health Solutions include chronic headache relief, few and minimized dizziness symptoms, techniques to treat dizziness, strategies to strengthen eye convergence, and core strengthening exercises for whole body stability. I would absolutely recommend Dakota Health Solutions to others because of the care I’ve been given from the moment I walked in the door. I always receive a warm greeting at reception, then am treated with exceptional professional care. Patient-first treatment is of greatest importance to me and that is exactly what I have received. I am constantly being asked for my input on how I am doing and find great progress being made in the right direction because of this beneficial communication. I appreciate all the care I have received; it has helped me more than I can ever explain!