I have been struggling with chronic Lyme disease symptoms for years, but only recently diagnosed. In the last month or so, my symptoms had gotten to the point where it was difficult to function normally. I was getting daily headaches (severity and duration varied), dizzy spells, lightheadedness, feeling faint, vertigo, brain fog, constantly in pain, and constant fatigue. I wasn’t able to drive confidently anymore or concentrate at work due to these issues. I had to do something about it. I am on a Lyme Disease Facebook support page, and when I saw someone else mentioned these symptoms and they had been treated, I jumped at the chance to ask WHO?! When you have Lyme, doctors don’t jump at the chance to treat you, so finding a doctor that will even talk about it with you is extremely difficult. Any Lyme patient will tell you that. Another patient of NeuroLife referred me to them, and I didn’t hesitate to contact them when she said her neuro issues were all better. My goal was getting the neuro symptoms under control so that I could function again… being able to be able to stand up and not tip over due to the loss of blood to my head… being able to have the stamina and energy to get through a day… to stop feeling so dizzy and lightheaded and also to achieve better concentration and focus. I wanted to be able to drive again with confidence and not have to worry about feeling faint. It was too scary and occurring too often.

I saw Dr. Chris 8-9 days ago, and I can honestly say that the changes are real. It starts in the morning. I wake up without all the headache and foot/leg pain anymore. I used to get up and could barely walk or stop my head from pounding. The treatments Dr. Chris provided, and the leg work/adjustments and hip adjustments helped tremendously! I have changed my supplements per his recommendations and my energy is up all day long. He also gave me the proverbial slap in the face that I needed, but did it with grace. My Type-A personality is not doing my body any favors right now, and I needed someone to say, “Stop. Slow down.” By telling me to scale back, to look at things from a different angle, to take a less ‘full steam ahead’ approach, I have started to learn ways to reduce my stress. The stress, as we found through our appointments, was my #1 enemy. I create my own stress by taking too much on my plate and Dr. Chris showed me that I can’t do that right now. He also helped me understand how the body works and flows together, and how one system and/or organ affects the next. No one has ever educated me on this. He did, and because of that, it made me think of my body as a whole and not focusing on individual portions and their symptoms. That is my favorite part of our appointments, was that he took the time to educate me. Never was there any “take two and call me in the morning” and then shoved me out the door. I also have achieved other goals that I didn’t even go in to see him for! Dr. Chris talked to me about nutrition, proper exercise routines, sleep patterns and its effects on the body, and proper digestion and the importance of it. By looking at the fully functional body, versus how my body is behaving, he gave me the tools to help understand the ways to get my body better. His motto of the appointment was the old adage ‘teach a man to fish…’. It worked.

The best part of our work together is that Dr. Chris showed care, compassion, and the true desire to want to see his patient get better. This is not something that many patients get from their doctors, especially Lyme patients. We are often shunned or told we are crazy or that our symptoms aren’t real. None of that stigma that encompasses Lyme patients mattered to him. He was honest and upfront from the beginning saying he doesn’t treat the Lyme, but he can help with the symptoms and getting them under better control. He made realistic expectations known from the start. I also liked how he didn’t just speak to me, he incorporated my husband in all the conversations and made sure he understood as much as I did what was happening to me. But, the most amazing part? His follow up. Dr. Chris wanted to know daily how I was doing and if my goals were met after our appointments. Again, this is not something most doctors do. Dr. Chris is a rare find. Not only is Dr. Chris a very smart doctor with a holistic approach, he is also a compassionate and caring person. Don’t lose that quality Dr. Chris.

The results spoke for themselves in a matter of a day. I noticed results and changes almost immediately. By cutting out about 90% of the supplements I was taking, and replacing them with the ones Dr. Chris felt my body needs right now, it’s as if my body got to be rebooted. He hit the restart button. I am much calmer from the stress reducing supplements and new approach to handling stress. I am smiling more than ever due to less stress. My body doesn’t hurt as much as it used to (shoulders/neck area and legs/feet) after the chiropractic adjustments he gave me, and I haven’t had one dizzy spell while standing or the brain fog since our appointment. The mental clarity I feel every day and increased energy has allowed me the confidence to drive again. That was huge for me! To have such a simple, normal, everyday privilege removed due to these dizzy spells/headaches/brain fog/etc., was a tough loss for me, and it let me know I needed to get this under control or more things could spiral out of control. Within 3 days of our appointments, I was driving with confidence and was able to go to the grocery store by myself. This may not be a big deal to others, but it was a huge confidence boost for me and showed me that things are going in the right direction.

I already have recommended NeuroLife to several people. Too many people have the same story as I do, and we all were saying the same things, ‘Why isn’t my doctor listening to me? Why do they already have their answer in their head and have stopped listening to what I am saying? Why does it seem like they rush me out of their office without giving me a chance? Why do they think I’m crazy when these symptoms are real? Why…? Why…? Why…?’ Never did Dr. Chris make me or my husband feel that way. He let us know that his time wasn’t more valuable than ours, and that getting the information to us and the proper testing and treatments were #1 priority, no matter how long it took (well, up to a point of course). He made us feel comfortable in the processes, and confident in his approach and knowledge. The best thing I took from this was that I had someone who wanted to hold my hand through the process. Anyone with Lyme Disease will tell you that in the years leading up to finding the diagnosis and the years of treating, they want nothing but someone to hold their hand through it, even if it’s for only part of their journey, because it’s scary with many unknowns.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. My husband thanks you. My kids thank you. My mom thanks you. My boss thanks you. Understanding more how the body works is very impactful. This may be an old hat for you, Dr. Chris, but for someone not in the medical world, this was all new to me. So thank you for teaching me about the body, thank you for teaching me about my body and why it’s misbehaving, thank you for teaching me how to adjust and modify the misbehavior, and thank you for follow-up teachings on continuing methods to get my body to behave the way it should.