My son was diagnosed with another concussion. I had talked to a friend of mine whom was in a similar situation and had recommended a chiropractic neurologist to me. I wanted my son to actually get treatment this time for his concussion. All other doctors just said for him to rest and when the symptoms went away he would be good to go again. He actually received treatment this time for his concussion. His symptoms went away, and he also has improved brain function. The best part of working together with Dr. Chris was my son developing a great relationship with him. My son did not play football last year due to his concussion, although was still able to play basketball. His GPA also increased last year and he is in the National Honor Society. Now in his senior year, he not only played football the whole season, but was also one of the captains. He is also playing basketball this season. I have recommended Dr. Chris to others. There are a lot of kids out there getting concussions and not getting treatment. They go to the medical doctors and they tell them to go home, get rest, and when the symptoms go away they are good to go. They do not treat the concussion – just the symptoms and not really even treating them. Dr. Chris finds the problem along with what is causing it and where. Just because you have neck and shoulder pain does not mean that is where the problem is; maybe it is caused by the way you sit in your chair at your desk and it is really a middle back problem. So he will not only work on the neck and shoulder area, but also the middle back and have you change the way you are sitting in your chair at your desk. He takes a whole body approach to fixing the problem including diet, exercise, and sleep.