I decided to find help at NeuroLife because I was having conversion disorder symptoms. I was trying to work through high levels of anxiety and some depression at the time, and one night I started having pseudoseizures and I lost the ability to talk and move my muscles. It was a very scary and surreal night; I ended up going to the emergency room where I was told I was having these conversion symptoms, which are physical symptoms brought up from extreme stress and anxiety. I didn’t know how else to deal with this, until I found this place. After the emergency room visit, I was prescribed Xanax to take whenever the symptoms started again. But I did not want to have to keep dealing with this problem every day until my stress levels went down and take medication for this everyday – I just wanted the problem fixed and gone. My mother’s boss had been a patient here before and recommended it. I knew right when I sat down here with Dr. Danduran, that this place was right for me. I felt very cared for and important, and I knew that I would get the best help here possible. The biggest goal I wanted to achieve was to get rid of my conversion symptoms and reduce my stress levels. We were able to accomplish my goal, yet we are still working through. My conversion symptoms were completely gone after about one week, and my stress and anxiety levels have definitely decreased. I still would like to see those levels drop a bit more, but I’m making great progress thanks to this place. The best part about working with Dr. Danduran is that he actually takes the time to make sure each individual is cared for and their own needs are met with exceeding expectations. I would definitely recommend NeuroLife to others. Everyone there is very kind, caring, and inviting. They make you feel important and make sure they can do the best they can to help anyone struggling with a variety of things.