Dr Danduran has helped my daughter Capri so much in just a few visits! Capri has been diagnosed with Lyme disease, post orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS), complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), chronic fatigue, and the list goes on….. She is 17 years old and been in extreme pain for almost 5 years straight….missing out on “so much” of her teen years….we’ve doctored more than I can count, even spending 21 days at Mayo, all without much success. We were told by a friend to try a chiropractic neurologist. I found 2 in ND, and decided on Dakota Health Solutions….and Thank GOD that I did! Dr Chris called me back for a free phone consult, and within days Capri was there for an appointment! She improved almost immediately upon the first visit! In just a week, she’s now sleeping, able to go to the bathroom regularly, and brain fog and pain have diminished considerably! I can hardly wait to get her back! I will keep you posted on Capris “journey to get her life back”! Thank You Dr. Chris!!!!!! You’re our miracle!!