Dear potential patients of Dakota Health Solutions:

I began seeing Dr. Danduran in May 2017 after 2 years of what can only be described as steady deterioration of my physical and mental health.

Following double knee replacements in March of 2015 I just wasn’t getting better.

For many months, we assumed it was normal post-operative pain.  But the pain continued to get worse, long after it should have cleared up.

In the ensuing 2 years I saw parade of doctors:  3 orthopedists, 2 neurologists, my local physician and 3 tries at physical therapy.  This included 2 trips to the University of Minnesota for “expert opinions.”

During this time every test was negative, I was repeatedly assured I was fine and every doctor was clueless as to any suggestions.  Eventually I was told the pain was “psychogenic.”

Meanwhile, the pain and numbness in my legs continued to steadily get worse until it was constant and intense and my walking became painful and very abnormal.

I needed a cane or a walker always and frequently needed a wheelchair.  I was considering applying for an Electric scooter, purchased a fall-detection device and was resigned to redoing the kitchen to accommodate being in a wheelchair.  These physical issues created a depressing mental state.

About the time I was at the end of my rope, Dakota Health Solutions was recommended to my husband by a friend experienced in difficult health situations.

After a lengthy initial interview, I had my first appointment.  The first treatment and the brace used by Dr. Danduran cleared up my pain almost instantly.  Follow up visits have continued to be helpful.

I have a long way to go, but being pain-free and having hope for a normal life following 2 years of suffering is too fantastic a feeling to describe in words.  It was like, 2 years of expert Doctors, where has this been?!  I am so thankful to Dr. Danduran and I enthusiastically recommend Dakota Health Solutions to anyone having problems!