​I had hypersensitivity and irritating tingling in my feet – no numbness, just episodes of pain. I had seen neurologists in Minneapolis and Grand Forks and two other chiropractors prior to coming in. A friend in Grand Forks, who had neurological symptoms and came to Dr. Chris’ office, gave me his name with highly positive comments about his effective treatment. I wanted to see reduction in my feet irritation and pain, as well as non-medicinal (drug) approaches to minimize my symptoms and help me cope with my condition daily. Overall, my goal was reached with visits to Dr. Chris’ office on a regular basis for 2 years. I felt that Dr. Chris clearly saw me as an individual whose health truly mattered to him, not just another neurology patient walking through the door. Dr. Chris always asked many questions during my visits and was keen to know my perspective on my condition and any changes in symptoms.  He also was very encouraging about the improvement of my condition through natural means of supplements and exercise. I would certainly recommend NeuroLife to others. I found Dr. Chris and his staff to be very professional, competent, and friendly.